Medical Evacuation from Medjet Assist

Aircraft and Medical Specifications

Aircraft operated by MedjetAssist authorized affiliates are fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment and are able to operate as flying intensive-care units. All aircraft have the capability of accommodating one critical patient and family member along with a three or four person medical team. Many of the aircraft have the ability for two patient configurations as well. MedjetAssist also has several authorized affiliates that have the capability for international mass-casualty medical evacuations.

Among the specially trained and experienced MedjetAssist medical staff are physicians, nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists trained in advanced cardiac and trauma life support, emergency and critical care medicine, as well as pediatric and neonatal care.

MedjetAssist requires all authorized medical aircraft to be twin engine with a minimum of two pilots specially trained and certified for the specific aircraft sthey are flying. Medical teams must be specially trained in the care of critically ill or injured patients at altitude, with experience in both short- and long-range air medical transport missions. All authorized affiliates must comply annually with MedjetAssist standards with regard to liability insurance limits, as well as pilot and medical crew training.