Medical Evacuation from Medjet Assist

Diamond Plan Benefits, Rules and Regulations

Membership Eligibility

Diamond Plan memberships are available to individuals ages 75-85. Diamond Plan benefits are available to individuals between the ages of 75 and 85. The General Health Questionnaire and Medical Statement must be completed by the prospective member and their physician. Only the Medical Statement forms provided by MedjetAssist will be accepted for consideration. All information is kept strictly confidential. Diamond membership plans are available only as individual memberships. If a prospective Diamond Plan member is currently enrolled in a basic family membership, and the spouse has not yet reached age 75, MedjetAssist will enroll the spouse (and dependents, if applicable) on a separate membership at the regular rate applicable to the spouse. All Diamond Plan memberships, both new and renewal, are subject to approval by the MedjetAssist Membership committee whose decision is final. Membership is valid only if the appropriate membership fee is collected.

Air Medical Transport Criteria

You must be hospitalized as an inpatient more than 150 miles from your primary residence as listed on your enrollment application and continue to meet inpatient criteria at the receiving hospital. Due to the limited medical facilities and testing available on cruise ships, in some cases the MedjetAssist Medical Director may require the member to be admitted to a hospital on-shore before scheduling air medical transportation to another hospital. All arrangements for medical evacuation and repatriation must be made by MedjetAssist. Since MedjetAssist is an assistance program and not an insurance plan, we will not reimburse members for expenses they incur on their own. Decisions regarding urgency of the case, the best timing and the most suitable means of transportation will be made by the MedjetAssist medical department after consultation with the local attending physician and the patient's receiving physician. Evacuation flights will be performed if an inpatient hospitalization is required, and it is determined that the remaining hospital stay can be completed at a hospital near the member's home, and the member is unable to return to their home hospital via commercial airline without medical escort. Aircraft used for the medical transport of MedjetAssist members are fully equipped intensive care aircraft staffed with specially trained medical teams. However, if the member's condition permits, the member may be transported by scheduled commercial airline, while in the care of a MedjetAssist authorized medical team. Air medical services are limited to one flight per membership per year.

Air Transport Restrictions/Exclusions

Both the originating and receiving hospital must be reasonably accessible by ground ambulance to transport the member to and from an airfield capable of accommodating MedjetAssist authorized aircraft. Membership provides access to only MedjetAssist authorized aircraft. Due to the high risk of sending U.S. registered aircraft and personnel into countries where the U.S. State Department has issued travel restrictions, membership services are subject to exclusion in these areas:

  • A member with tuberculosis or other chronic airborne pathogens may not be transported.
  • A member beyond the second trimester of pregnancy may not be transported.
  • A member with mild lesions, simple injuries such as sprains, simple fractures or mild illness which can be treated by local doctors and do not prevent the member from continuing their trip or returning home does not qualify for air medical transport.
  • Air medical transport services will not be provided in cases where the member's primary admitting diagnosis is an inpatient psychiatric disorder.
  • A member traveling outside the United States for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment whether inpatient or outpatient, experimental or otherwise, will not be eligible for air medical transport benefits for that specific trip.
  • A member traveling or living outside the United States or Canada for an uninterrupted period in excess of 90 days is not eligible for membership benefits beyond the 90th day.

Family members, business associates, and/or traveling companions may accompany the patient, at no additional cost, on a MedjetAssist authorized aircraft during transport, provided space is available and the patient care is not compromised. Passengers accompanying patients transported on scheduled commercial aircraft will be responsible for such passengers' own airfare. Payment of membership fee entitles the member to the membership services as published at no additional cost to the member. This membership permits MedjetAssist or its affiliates to collect for services rendered directly from the member's insurer or other provider, if available. If the member has no insurance coverage for the services rendered, the member is still entitled to all MedjetAssist benefits at no additional cost. While MedjetAssist makes every effort to accommodate its members, the patient and an accompanying passenger are limited to one small carry-on bag each due to limited space available on medical aircraft. MedjetAssist will arrange for additional luggage to be forwarded at the member's expense. Members will not be entitled to MedjetAssist benefits if their illness or injury is a result of or is contributed to by the following:

  • War, invasion or civil war;
  • Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self injury;
  • A member's own criminal or felonious act, or sustained while the member is in a state of insanity;
  • A member with an infectious disease under treatment at the time of enrollment will not be transported for any condition related to that infection;
  • A member on an organ transplant list prior to enrollment will not be entitled to a transport for that transplant;
  • A member who is hospitalized at the time of enrollment will not be eligible for transport benefits for that hospitalization and may not be accepted for membership entirely.

The following pre-existing medical condition limitation applies to all Diamond Plan Members. Membership benefits will not be provided for any pre-existing defect, infirmity or condition for which an enrolled member is receiving medical treatment, advice or consultation where there has been any (1) changes in the dosage or usage of prescribed medication for that condition, or (2) changes or modifications to an existing prescribed plan of treatment for the condition, or (3) internal or external treatment or therapy for that condition, either as an inpatient or outpatient during the six (6) months (180 days) immediately prior to the effective date of the membership. If, however, there are no changes or treatments during this (6) month period as described above, benefits will be provided to the member for sudden and unexpected illness or injury. MedjetAssist reserves the right to change or amend these rules and regulations. MedjetAssist is solely responsible for the interpretation and application of the rules and regulations communicated in this publication. All determinations by MedjetAssist shall be final and conclusive in each case. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. By enrolling as a member you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of membership.